Float Control Valves

5 series Water-Boy Series

The No. 50 Series Float Control Valves are precision designed to fill requirements for humidifying units, pan fillers, air conditioning equipment, evaporative coolers and other applications where dependable water level control is essential in limited space to meet various operating conditions.

*NOTE: Nos. 51, 52, 53 and 59 can be furnished with a 3/8” I.P.T. male connection at additional cost, when specified on order.

  • The No. 51 Water-Boy Float Control Valve
  • The No. 52 High-Duty Float Control Valve
  • The No. 53 High-Duty Float Control Valve
  • The No. 59 Water-Boy Float Control Valve
  • 5900 series Water-Boy Float Control Valve with Reservoir

    A small replacement, compact float valve and reservoir consisting of No. 59 float valve and solid one-piece, deep drawn brass reservoir with cover. Reservoir is 2 1/2” x 2 1/2” x 6” with 5/16” bottom connection.

    Valve comes completely assembled with bracket as integral part ready for mounting. Made entirely of brass with removable, raised, hard nylon valve seat. Valve stem is brass with incased heat and oil resistant special Silicone washer. Valve seat is protected with a 100 mesh Monel screen. Designed for service under all water conditions.

  • No. 5900 Water-Boy Float Control Valve
  • No. 5900-F Water-Boy Float Control Valve
  • No. 5913-P Lexan Water-Boy
  • No. 5913-PF Lexan Water-Boy